WP User Frontend multiple forms!

WP User Frontend is a wordpress plugin developed by tareq1988. And you are here because you are interested in WP User Frontend multiple forms which is currently not supported by the latest version of  WP User Frontend at this time of writing.
Reading the description about WP User Frontend on this link, wp-user-frontend. It really looks promising and I love it.

Gives ability to the user to create new post, edit post, edit profile from site frontend. So users doesn’t need to enter the admin panel. Everything they need to do can be done from the frontend.


So here is my plugin that solves your problem. This features of this plugin are follows:

  • User can create a new post and edit from frontend
  • They can view their page in the custom dashboard
  • Users can edit their profile
  • Administrator can restrict any user level to access the wordpress backend (/wp-admin)
  • New posts status, submitted by users are configurable via admin panel. i.e. Published, Draft, Pending
  • Admin can configure to receive notification mail when the users creates a new post.
  • Configurable options if the user can edit or delete their posts.
  • Users can upload attachments from the frontend
  • Post featured image can be set
  • Admins can manage their users from frontend
  • Pay per post or subscription on posting is possible

But as many others has been asking, why can’t it support multiple forms? Might be great if it has this kind of feature. WP User Frontend multiple forms would be great. Well, who doesn’t want multiple forms?
And so, I’ve tried to edit it and here’s the result.

At first, this was for my personal use. But seeing a lot who has the same problem, I’ve decided to share it. The edited plugin can be downloaded below.
Credits still goes to the original plugin author.
Before using it, be sure to back up everything first… Just in-case..

Feel free to comment below if you found any problem.
Note: Currently, the ability for WPUF to add custom fields using functions.php is disabled. I’ll put it back at the time I solve the problem behind it.