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This plugin extends the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin by allowing a custom post type (CPT) to be added.

Once the plugin is activated, a new WooCommerce settings tab named “WooRei Manager” will be added. On this tab you can add a new CPT. If a new is added, you can either activate or deactivate it. If the added CPT is activated, a new CPT menu will be added under Product menu.

This plugin can also add your existing custom post type to woocommerce. Please take note that the current version of this plugin, you need to manually add the below code to your theme archive page.

<?php woocommerce_template_loop_add_to_cart( array( "quantity" => 1 )); ?>

Without this code, there will be no add to cart button on the archive page. Find your archive-{post_type}.php file and paste that somewhere inside the loop.



Feature List

  • Add Custom Post Type to WooCommerce
  • Activate/Deactivate Custom Post Type for WooCommerce
  • Activate/Deactivate existing Custom Post Type to WooCommerce
  • Added Custom Post Type has it’s own menu under Product menu

For a test drive, visit and login as demo/demo.



Plugin/Theme Support

This plugin should be compatible with any WooCommerce theme and has been tested with the following:





  • I’m open to your suggestions and feedback – Thank you for using or trying out one of our plugins!
  • Drop me a line at


  1. Upload the entire ‘woocommerce-woorei-shop-manager’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to WooCommerce > Settings to find the new menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to download this file?
    • Just add to cart, it cost free.
  2. I’ve used the plugin but it shows many error notices?
    • Yes there are quite a few php error notices. You can turn this off with WP_DEBUG.
  3. I want a refund.
    • I will only issue refund if this plugin is not working on your site. I will help you try to fixed it. If I’m not able to fix it, I will give full refund.
    • If the problem is caused by other plugins no refund.


  1. Settings Tab for WooRei Manager
  2. Publishing new post for Events post type
  3. Added to cart.
  4. Cart showing the seminar and a product.


Last update - 2015.12.08

  • fixed some reported bugs.


  • fixed some reported bugs.

0.2 - 2015.01.20

  • fixed some bugs.
  • fixed some error handing.
  • added ability to change theme built custom post type to adopt to woocommerce.

0.1 - 2015.01.14

  • Initial release

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9 reviews for WooCommerce WooRei Shop Manager

  1. eshwar (verified owner)

    need video tutorial. atleast step by step explaination. what is Select an archive page while creating CPT. and where to place the code u mentioned in description. i’m not developer, pls explain it well to my understanding.

    • Reigel Gallarde (verified owner)

      Ahh. Sorry for the inconvenience. This plugin is not yet fully developed. But the needed functionality for what it is intended for is already good. Thus, this plugin might need a developer to install it into your website. However, with the basic knowledge of WordPress, anyone can successfully install and use this.

      I have faced the same problem before when a client wants his current CPT to be used as products and this plugin was created for that. After that time, I have not further touched this and I have little time to create a video. I just posted this cause it might help someone. Sorry for the inconvenience. I might create a video in my next free time. 😉

  2. eshwar (verified owner)

    thanks for ur reply, really appreciating good luck with ur projects. hope u upload video soon for non developers and hope this plugin gives u good name and fame

  3. eshwar (verified owner)

    hey i need help with it, i created new cpt name Design (in that i list my designs) and it is sapareted from products page. i created a archieve page called Design and selected from dropdown in woorei manager and activated it. now finally i got confused where to place the code u mentioned. hope u help me with this.

  4. eshwar (verified owner)

    hey i’m using woocommerce 2.2.7 version, when i activate this plugin it shows error This version requires WooCommerce 2.1 or newer. but my woocommerce is 2.2.7. pls fix it

  5. William (verified owner)

    Great plugin! Two questions/feature requests:

    – Possibility to create and select categories for custom post type
    – Possibility to create and select attributes for custom post type

    So basicly give the custom post type the same specs as the orginal Products post type.

    • Reigel Gallarde (verified owner)

      Hi William, I’m glad that it’s working great for you. Hmm… About your requests, I have not added that cause anyone who has the knowledge can easily add that using functions.php or by using existing plugins. However, I’ll put that on my To Do list. 😉

  6. Sourdough

    Great plugin! I’m wondering if there is anyway to include functionality for WooCommerce Bookings in your plugin?

    I have your plugin setup with a custom post type called “Trips.”

    The Booking plugin adds new meta options in the “Trips Data” meta-area. When I change “Product-Type” to “Bookable Product,” all of the new inputs display, but none save the data. All of the other “Trip” inputs are working, it’s just the added Bookings functionality that won’t save. For reference, they do work with the regular “Product” items, but not with the custom post type.

    Is there a good solution to add this? It would be super helpful to be able to use your plugin with WooCommerce Bookings.

    Thanks a lot!

    (sorry for posting this in your “reviews” page. This is more of a question than review.)

    • Reigel Gallarde (verified owner)

      I have not tried that plugin. But I believe it can be done. You may need to asked a programmer to help you on that. 🙂

  7. Liam

    Seems to work well, however I also have the Gravity Forms plugin for WooCommerce, and the form option isn’t present on any of the custom post types that I use this with. Do you know of a way to fix that?

    • Reigel Gallarde (verified owner)

      Hello Liam.

      I don’t know how Gravity Forms plugin for WooCommerce works, so I can’t tell. I’ve sent you an email. Please check your inbox.

  8. Dave (verified owner)

    Is this just for use of a simple product on custom post type? When I make a variable product and add variations, they don’t display on single ‘product’ page. In my case, it’s a CPT ‘class’ product.

    • Reigel Gallarde (verified owner)

      Thank you for this report. It was a bug and now is fixed.

  9. TomTom

    The plugin is great, two things:

    When I have debug mode on, I keep getting an error:

    Notice: Undefined index: post_type in /home1/wphelp/public_html/demo1/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-woorei-shop-manager/includes/woorei-conditional-functions.php on line 51

    and the template loop seems to not working properly when the plugin is turned on.

    I use Thesis Framework.


    • Reigel Gallarde (verified owner)

      I’ve sent you an email. I got this fixed.

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